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I am an ethnomusicology PhD candidate at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center and I’m holding a teaching position at the State University of New York’s Purchase College music department. My research interests include Southeast European popular and traditional music, transnational commercial popular music, music and gender, cosmopolitanism, and music in diaspora.

In October of 2013, I was a visiting researcher at the Cape Breton University for the Digital Humanities project “East Central European Communities and Cultures in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.” The SSHRC and CRC funded project involved ethnographic and archival research regarding the Croatian community, and will result in diverse publications, interactive multimedia applications, and educational resources, which will populate the Croatian-Cape Breton segment of the project’s web portal.

I also recently presented a paper at the 2014 AATSEEL conference in Chicago, titled “Serbian Reggae and Its Textual and Musical Symbolism,” which contextualizes reggae production in Serbia and examines these compositions as vehicles for voicing opposition and criticism about local socio-political issues. I will continue my research this summer, by observing and participating in reggae music festivals, in order to examine the organization of these events as well as how the peripheral locations of the festivals are indicative of the larger de-centralization of the Serbian cultural industry.

• research •

Burgenland Croats are an ethnic minority living in Austria since the 16th century. They were resettled to the Austrian state of Burgenland as to provide a line of defense against the advancing Ottoman empire. They have remained there and retained their customs, songs, and dances, some of which are seen in this video I recorded in Vienna in the summer of 2011.

Shira U'ftila, a Serbian ensemble of Sephardic music, participated in the Ethno Fusion Fest 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia. Their music draws on Judeo-Spanish, Ottoman, and Southeast European musical traditions (visit the group's website for more info about their music and concerts). I recorded this clip of their performance in the courtyard of the Sukat Shalom synagogue in downtown Belgrade during a summer research trip.

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